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The Company recognises that it has a duty to reduce, wherever possible, the impact of its operations on the environment.

Therefore, Pledge Office Chairs Limited accepts that verification, by one of the accredited, independent, certification contractors is a preferred means of proving that chairs with wooden component parts actually possess the environmentally friendly attributes claimed for them.

While the presence of an environmental label, such as FSC™ on a product indicates that the wood it contains comes from well-managed forests that are independently certified, any subsequent owner of the product requires their own Chain of Custody certificate to be able to describe the goods as environmentally certified to the consumer.

A Chain of Custody certificate is evidence that a business has installed management systems that enable an environmentally certified product to be tracked back to its source, thus proving that the product actually possesses the environmental credentials claimed for it.

Only possession of a valid Chain of Custody certificate entitles a business to use the environmental trademarks and logos in promoting or describing environmentally certified products. Pledge Office Chairs Limited operates under certificate number TT-COC-001809 for FSC certified products.

Ongoing communication of environmental importance will be transmitted to and from all relevant employees via Line Management, Team Briefings, Memorandum or Company Newsletter.   Download   here.

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