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Product Dimensions - Please read the notes below before downloading a document.
Our soft seating units are manufactured using templates, fabrics patterns, foaming methods and assembly techniques to help us ensure our quality standards remain high and consistent.

All dimensions provided are approximate as product size may vary slightly due to variation of the upholstery or depression of foam when assembled.

We suggest that if products are being specified for a bespoke area that is being built to contain single or multiple units, or the space planning is particularly tight, it is strongly recommended that a product clearance is taken into consideration.

Please allow a tolerance of 15mm per unit in both width and depth to accommodate the products into the plan or build.

We recommend that you request a measurement check or sample product to ensure the area or structural build will be suitable for our product.

We cannot accept responsibility if the measurement of the area has not been checked or provides the required clearance.
Spirit Rocking - STR1B
Spirit Rocking
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